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5 Factors That Impact Cost of Setting Up Limited Company In UK 


Before you consider doing any business in the UK, you must be ready to register the business to ensure you abide by the laws.   With the company iganony, you can easily engage in production, service delivery, and other business in the country without any hurdles. Once you have a company, you can achieve more benefits, like government subsidies for business in times of crisis.  

Whether you are an alien or a citizen, the company formation process is simple and much more streamlined.  

Before you begin the process, take some time to learn about the costs you have to incur to have a valid license. Normally, the cost is not as high as in other countries, but you must pay for everything before you get the certification and authority to operate.  

Knowing about these costs enables you to prepare for the process so that you can complete the whole process. Sometimes, the cost may vary from what you read on the internet, and this is due to the factors discussed below.  

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1. Consultancy and Professional Services and Fees 

Sometimes, company formation can be an uphill task due to the laws and regulations you must observe.  

The process in the UK does not take longer, nor is it a cumbersome task, especially if you have experts helping you with the whole process. 

Before processing the paperwork and other documentation, consider the best professional services to help. When hiring the service, consider the costs vs. the services offered. Once you hire the services, you can go through the cost of setting up a limited company in UK and the various packages they offer.  

With the help of an agent, the cost of setting up a company may be slightly higher; however, you get quality services and fast business registration.  

The cost to pay for the services will depend on the list of services offered. These agencies provide nearly all business registration services, especially if you are new in the UK or may need to gain experience in business registration. It is best to consider consultancy services that will take care of all the company formation activities, leaving you free and committed to other activities.  

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2. UK Company Formation Fees 

Once you hire the experts, you must know what it will cost to register the company, and a reputable consultancy agency will freely offer this advice.  

Company formation fees vary in the UK based on the type of company or business you would wish to form. Normally all the fees will be paid to the Companies House where you must register all the details about your new business.  

Some of these costs will vary based on the formation process you choose. It would be cheaper to do everything online; however, you can choose other options. If you choose to get all your registration papers physically, i.e., through the post office, the cost can be higher due to mailing costs. Another consideration that will boost the formation costs includes the decision to work with agents or use software for the registration process.  

Of all these options, you can form a company for as low as £12 when you register the company through the Companies House. This process will take about 24 hours, and you have a legal entity in the UK. If you choose to do everything via post, you will spend about £40, and it may take a little while due to the mailing processes.  

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3. Company Address Costs 

Another significant factor that may affect the company formation costs is the registered address.  

According to the laws, all UK-based companies or those registered in the country must have an address there. Therefore, you must have a physical address for your company. It is through this physical address that all the documentation is sent. A PO Box alone may not be enough; hence, you need a physical office or company residence. 

Another alternative is to provide your home address to receive all the documents, especially if running a virtual company. You can choose the company’s virtual address if you do not want to compromise security through office and house addresses. However, the virtual office address will require you to pay more costs during the company formation. You can pay the cost monthly or annually.  

4. Company Bank and Business Account Costs 

You cannot use your account for business and company needs, and this is per the liability rules and laws.  

Notably, you need the account to help you manage the company affairs, mainly managing the cash flows. The accounts are not required during the company formation; however, you must register them for tax obligations and other costs.  

Opening bank accounts may be relatively inexpensive for business; however, the costs will vary based on the account type you want to open. Opening the bank account upon company formation will be part of the company formation cost.  

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5. Company Insurance Costs 

The company formation process is smooth, with only the company requirements; however, you need certain insurance services before you begin operations.  

You must register different types of insurance services for a company, which may vary based on the company and UK rates. The initial costs for registering the insurance are a part of your initial company formation process, especially if you are forming a production company.  


If you have a consultancy service helping you with the company formation process, do not worry much about costs, mistakes, and time.  

With their help, you can plan for all the relevant company formation costs to help you clear the process sooner. These costs may vary based on address, type of business you are registering, consultancy services, and other business needs like operational accounts and insurance services.  

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