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Back Support Belts: What They Are and Their Benefits

Back Support Belts

Back pain is among the most prevalent health issues, and it affects millions of people. Over the years, there has been a quest to find solutions that help to prevent and alleviate the discomfort caused by spinal issues. Among the most popular are back support belts, which you have probably seen being worn by weightlifters in the Olympics and other competitions.

So what exactly is a back support belt, and what benefits does it bring?

What Are Back Support Belts?

Essentially, they are a belt used to provide support and stability to the lower back and lumbar spine. There are several types of back support belts, but they all wrap around the area above the abdomen with either an elastic or rigid material. Depending on the type, they can have an adjustable belt on the front or straps that can be used to adjust the pressure.

How Do Back Support Belts Work?

The primary reason for the use of a back support belt is to offer support to the lower back. When you wear the belt and adjust it to your liking, it puts pressure on the area, stabilising it and reducing the strain brought by various activities. 

This means that when you bend to lift something with your belt on, the belt will restrict your lower back muscles and only move minimally.

Benefits of Back Support Belts

Thanks to their two main functionalities, back support belts provide several benefits.

Improved Posture

The best way to avoid back injuries during strenuous activities or even sitting in an office chair for long hours is by assuming the proper posture. There’s a recommended posture for sitting, and there’s also one for lifting. The latter tells you to look straight ahead and keep your back straight, your chest out, and your shoulders back.

However, this is easier said than done, and that’s where the back support belt comes in. When you wear one, it helps keep your back in the right position as it compresses your muscles. Wearing the belt alone is also a reminder to assume the right posture whenever you are lifting, bending, or standing for prolonged periods.

Relief from Back Pain

People struggling with back pain still have to get on with their jobs or daily activities. While there are different methods for reducing this pain, back belts are the most non-invasive option. 

Without the need for medication, a back brace helps provide relief by applying gentle pressure to the muscles and tissues around the lower back.

Besides that, it also prevents them from causing more harm during strenuous activities. This is because when the belt holds the muscles and puts pressure, it minimises movement at that part of the body. 

Facilitated Recovery

Back support belts have been used in the medical field for centuries as part of the rehabilitation process for patients recovering from back injuries and surgeries. Physical therapists often use them to provide stabilisation and support as a form of pain relief for various spinal conditions.

The same principle also works for individuals recovering from back injuries. The belt will help minimise muscle movement in the area and reduce stress on the spine, making recovery faster and more comfortable.

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