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Computer: 5 Tips For Quickly Troubleshooting


Today, IT tools are our everyday allies. Whether for teleworking, personal or recreational use, our Computer, desktops or our Apple Macs require quality maintenance . In fact, these computing devices no longer leave us and are now essentials that must be taken care of igaony.

But what to do when a breakdown occurs? How to deal with a sudden malfunction ? Imagine a day of teleworking where your meetings are delayed by a computer blockage? Have you ever heard your children complain about the slowness of their PC during a gaming session?

Why call on computer repair?

IT developments are growing rapidly, sometimes too suddenly. Moreover, computers are often overwhelmed by the scale and growth of operating systems . In addition, given the increasingly frequent use, wear and tear occurs much more quickly than before.

Fortunately, complications can be avoided. To prevent a major emergency repair , maintaining and updating your systems and devices is the solution.

How to anticipate a breakdown?

To anticipate IT problems in your daily life, solutions can be provided directly to your home, by you.

The first action common to everyone is restarting the computer . And honestly, it’s either make or break. With any luck, the computer restarts in good shape. But it’s not always the case. Moreover, this does not prevent you from adopting good actions to preserve your computers and PCs in the long term.

Here are our tips for working on your machines  :

Free up disk space

To do this, we advise you to delete Windows temporary files and internet temporary files. By freeing up space, you will prevent your machine from slowing down and allow better operation.

Optimize hard drive

After freeing up the necessary space on the disk, consider optimizing your hard disk by defragmenting it.

Remove all unnecessary apps and programs

Often, installed programs are outdated. If you no longer use them, consider deleting and uninstalling them. In this case, also delete the directories that remained active after uninstallation. Often, deletion is not enough. By erasing this data, you will give your machine a breath of fresh air.

Update operating systems (Windows, mac, Android) and programs (Office Suite, etc.)

If your computer is slow, check to see if there are any updates to perform . Sometimes all it takes is a single click to get the system back up and running optimally. Technological progress is evolving very quickly. It is therefore very important to make the necessary updates over time to ensure the proper functioning of your IT.

Update antivirus

By activating the antivirus, a scan of it will easily remedy existing problems. If you don’t have an antivirus on your PC or Mac, install one quickly. In fact, they prevent cracks in your machine.

Obviously, these gestures can seem very complex to everyone. Fortunately, we are here at TickTockTech PC to meet your needs and ensure your computer troubleshooting .

By subscribing to the club , you no longer need to worry about these sometimes complex actions on your machines. We take care of everything down to the smallest detail. Whatever the state of health of  your computer equipment , we provide it with the  best assistance .

Thanks to our  expertise , we are committed to ensuring the proper functioning of all your devices through unlimited assistance and quality maintenance. And this for all your equipment: PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet…

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