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Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay? [Full Guide]


Kroger is one of the largest retailers in the US that operates supermarkets and multi-department stores. If you’re a new Kroger customer, you must be wondering about the payment options that it supports.  

This article will focus on the question, does Kroger accept Apple Pay? We will discuss which payment options are available to Kroger customers, how to use them, and more. Let’s begin.

So, does Kroger have Apple Pay as one of the payment options? 

The simple answer is Yes 7off7roo, Kroger has recently added Apple Pay as one of the payment methods. It means that Apple Pay users can easily make transactions at Kroger through their Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay wasn’t available to Kroger customers until June 2023 which led to growing dissatisfaction and inconvenience for them. Hence, the company took some action and introduced Apple Pay as one of the payment methods in June 2023. 

However, the Apple Pay payment method is only available at 108 stores out of 2,719 Kroger stores. Hence, Apple Pay is available to Kroger customers in specific locations, such as Ralphs in California, QFC in Washington and Oregon, and King Soopers in Colorado and Wyoming.

How does Kroger take Apple Pay

Here is how to use Apple Pay to shop at Kroger: 

  • Navigate to the contactless payment icon at the checkout to make a payment of up to £30.
  • Now, place your Apple card or iPhone in proximity to the contactless reader until the light turns green. 
  • Then, authenticate your identity by placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor or using your face ID. A beep will indicate the successful payment which means you can remove your card now. 

Can I Use Apple Pay at Kroger Online? 

Yes, you can use Apple Pay to shop online at Kroger. Here’s how you can use Apple Pay at Kroger online: 

  • Once you finish adding products to your Kroger cart at their official website, head to the checkout section. 
  • Select “Apple Pay” as the mode of payment and use your Touch ID or Face ID to confirm your payment. You can also enter the PIN to complete your Kroger payment. 

Benefits of Apple Pay at Kroger

Here are a few benefits of using Apple Pay at Kroger:

  • Apple Pay supports cutting-edge security measures, such as encryption, biometric authentication and more to allow a safer shopping experience. 
  • You can earn an array of loyalty points while using Apple Pay in the Kroger app.
  • Apple Pay is one of the most convenient and quickest payment modes, as it doesn’t require you to carry cash or multiple cards in your wallet. 

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