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How Can You Improve Website Security With VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting

Once a website is created, it needs to be hosted online. However, what is more important is ensuring its security against potential hacks and threats. Hosting your website on shared servers can give you very limited protection online.

You can set up an in-house server for your website, but it can be very costly. This is why hosting your website on a VPS server can be the best option. VPS hosting can allow you to customize and add many security applications and protocols on the server. This way, you can greatly amplify the security of your website.

Keep reading this article further to learn how you can improve website security with VPS hosting solutions.

Top 6 tips to improve Website Security with VPS Hosting

Enhancing website security isn’t a single-step operation. It is a combination of actions taken and applications put in place to ensure information is not exposed to vulnerabilities. When you host your website on a VPS server, you can also take similar steps to boost your website’s security. Some of the steps include strong passwords, high encryption, network monitoring, etc.

Let’s continue to read further to explore some tips that can improve website security with VPS hosting.

1.      Dedicating resources

Robust security requires power and resources. As resources on a shared server are divided, websites hosted on them can be hacked due to compromised protection. Any website that is experiencing an attack can affect all the sites hosted on a shared server. Moreover, low server resources can crash a website with high traffic.

A VPS server gives you more control over the hosting environment’s resources. This means you can easily install malware, antivirus, and updates. Moreover, all the server’s resources like RAM, CPU, and storage are dedicated to your website and use only. You can consult VPS hosting Dubai based companies to rent a VPS server that provides robust security for your website.

2.      Encrypting Information

Protecting user data and information is the priority of all reputable organizations. Hackers try to identify newer ways to exploit your server and website’s security. Once hackers breach a website’s API security, they can steal all the users’ data and valuable information.

However, a VPS server allows you to implement the finest encryption for your website and server data. You can install popular encryption software like IIS, Apache, Nginx, etc., and place SSH / SSL security certificates on your server iganony.

3.      Controlling User Access

Most websites get hacked due to poor user control policies. Hackers find it easier to breach them due to weak passwords or open access. If you aren’t sure who can access your website or server, chances are you will never be able to identify intrusions.

However, a VPS server allows you to implement strict user access control. Only authorized people can access your website and server admin panel. Moreover, you can implement strong 2-factor authorization for website users. This enhances your website security, and no one can breach your server through its vulnerabilities.

4.      Creating Regular Backups

When a website is hosted on a shared server, it can be easily taken down. This is also true if a single website experiences an attack; all the sites experience disruptions. In case a website gets crashed, chances are you’ll lose critical and recent data. This can create problems for both the users and the owner of the website.

However, a VPS server lets you create as many backups of your website as you want. You also have access to a large storage area where you can implement automatic data backups. Consequently, when your website goes down, you will start right from where you left off. Your data is digitally secure and properly backed up in case of an unforeseen event.

5.      Enhancing Network Security

A VPS server gives you the functionality of a fully dedicated server but at a fraction of its cost. You cannot obtain such functionalities on a shared server. You can install powerful firewalls to secure your network connections.

You can also install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on it to improve website accessibility and security. You can disable any unused services that can throttle website performance. Moreover, you can implement strong network monitoring and intrusion detection software. This will help you to identify and mitigate any threats to your website’s security.

6.      Choosing Reliable VPS Provider

Choosing the right hosting partner for your website is crucial to its online security. You can list a number of secure and reliable VPS providers in Dubai. Then, factors such as data center locations, security certifications, and client reviews should be considered.

You should always opt for hosting solution companies that provide regular updates and 24/7 support. Moreover, you should also consider the affordability, scalability, and reliability of a hosting company. You can contact VPS hosting Dubai-based service providers to know about their pricing plans and host your website securely.

Secure your website today with VPS Hosting!

As discussed earlier, shared servers can compromise your website’s security. Getting a dedicated or in-house server is expensive. However, a VPS server checks all the boxes of affordability, dedicated space, customization, and power. Host your website today on a reliable VPS server and ensure maximum security.

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