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How to avoid baggage fees with Spirit Flight?


On Spirit Airlines, baggage fees have a chance to increase the price of a potentially inexpensive flight. Here’s how to cut down on or prevent the additional costs iganony.

Spirit Airlines is a budget airline with reasonable fares. But being a low-cost airline, it charges extra costs for almost everything else, including checked baggage. You should know how much your luggage will cost and how to prevent or reduce it if you’re thinking about flying with Spirit Airlines. Let’s discuss the luggage policy of Spirit Baggage Policy, the cost of checking versus carrying a bag, and some money-saving tips.

What is the luggage policy of Spirit Airlines?

You are allowed to bring one free personal item on Spirit Airlines flights. That item is limited to 18 x 14 x 8 inches, and includes handles and wheels. A tiny purse, laptop bag or backpack might serve as your own item.

If your checked bag is no bigger than 22 x 18 x 10 inches (with handles and wheels), you can also bring it with you for an additional cost. Spirit Airlines carry-on costs range from $58 to $99. The exact amount you pay will vary depending on when you make your payment (paying for baggage at the time of booking will help you the most). Spirit Saver$ Club members receive discounted rates unless they pay the admission cost at the gate. To find out the exact price of your flight, use the Spirit Bag-O-Tron.

You may check one pram and one car seat per infant for free if you’re traveling with little children. If you’ve bought a seat for the kids. You are also permitted to take a vehicle seat on board.

How do I avoid paying baggage fees on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit assures that each visitor will be allowed to verify one bag. But you could be able to pack up to five if space allows. Whether you buy your luggage when making your reservation. In advance before arrive, or at the terminal will determine the price per bag. Prices vary slightly based on your travel destination. Your initial checked bag will cost you between $59 and $99. Further baggage will cost more.

The combined weight of your packed bag’s length, width, and height cannot exceed 40 pounds or 62 linear inches. An additional overweight baggage tax of $79 to $125 will be charged for overweight luggage. However, there will be a $150 cost for excessive baggage. Spirit won’t accept any bags that weigh more over 100 pounds or have a total length of more than 80 linear inches.

Tips for lowering or avoiding Spirit Airlines’ luggage fees

If you cannot fit, all you need in one bag for your trip. Don’t freak out. If you prepare early, you can minimize the expense of your trip overall. Spirit Airlines offers several alternatives to lower or even waive the baggage fee.

1. Just bring one personal item.

One personal item that fits beneath the seat in front of you is yours to keep for free. I can attest that it is feasible because I have traveled for up to a week on Spirit flights carrying only a rucksack.

Although packing carefully is necessary, this is the simplest method to prevent incurring any further costs.

2. Pay for your luggage when you make your reservation.

It’s advisable to purchase a checked suitcase when making the reservation. If you expect to require a little extra room for all of your vacation belongings. This is because you will save roughly $30 in comparison to check the luggage at the gate.

You can still save some money if you purchase for the baggage at the time of check-in. Even if you forgot to do so when you made your reservation internetchicks.

Summing Up

Carrying your essentials shouldn’t have to cost a huge sum of money. But if you are not careful. Spirit Baggage Policy, fees might wind up being among the most expensive. We’re sure you’ll manage your expenses whether you travel light, utilize a bonus cards, or take benefit of the membership savings.

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