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How to go Viral on TikTok 11 Secrets that We Will Reveal


Knowing how to go viral on TikTok is almost modern gold, whether for brands, content creators, marketers, or any common social media user. 

Well, a gem like this wouldn’t be shared so easily, but as we’re not at all conventional, we’re going to bring you the 11 secrets for those who want to go viral on this great short video platform. Let’s go. 

1 – Be Authentic and Creative: TikTok is a place where originality reigns. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and try out creative ideas. 

2 – Know Your Audience: Understand what your audience likes and adapt your content to meet their preferences. Use TikTok demographic metrics to gain valuable insights. 

3 – Take advantage of Trends: Keep an eye on popular TikTok trends and challenges. Participating in relevant trends can increase your chances of going viral. 

4 – Attractive Video Editing: Invest time in editing your videos. Use special effects, catchy music, and an engaging narrative to keep viewers watching until the end. 

5-Post Regularity: To keep your audience interested, stick to a regular posting schedule. Regularity is essential to building a follower base iganony

6 – Interact with Your Followers: Respond to comments and direct messages. Having conversations with your audience fosters a devoted following. 

7 – Collaborate with Other Creators: Partnerships with other TikTok users can help expose your content to a new audience. 

8 – Use Hashtags Strategically: Choose relevant hashtags to increase your video’s visibility. Research trending hashtags to see which ones are trending. 

9 – Tell a Captivating Story: Videos with engaging narratives tend to stand out. Create an interesting story to keep viewers engaged. 

10 – Evaluate Feedback: Learn from the data and feedback you receive. Based on what works best for your audience, modify your approach.  

11 – Analyze your results: Identify which types of content are working best with your audience and which ones need to be adjusted or discarded.  

Based on information provided by Social Pro, for example, you can optimize your content strategies to meet your audience’s needs and interests, which can increase engagement and improve your TikTok account’s overall performance. 

How to appear on TikTok FYP (For You Page) 

The “FYP” (For You Page) on TikTok is the platform’s home page, where users discover new content.  

It is TikTok’s main storefront where popular and trending videos are displayed to users.  

Getting into FYP is a common aspiration for many creators as it means your video is being promoted widely and reaching a larger audience.  

Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of getting into TikTok’s FYP: 

1 – Create engaging content: TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes engaging and relevant content, so make sure your videos are interesting and follow current trends. 

2 – Use music and sounds wisely: TikTok’s algorithm gives more attention to videos with popular music and sounds, so be smart about how you use them in your videos. 

3 – Post consistently: Posting regularly helps keep your profile active and increases your chances of appearing in the FYP. 

4 – Make sure your account is public: FYP only features public profiles, so make sure your account is set to public. 

 Remember that going viral on TikTok can be unpredictable, but by following these tips and focusing on the quality of your content, you will increase your chances of success on the platform.  

Keep experimenting, be consistent, and have fun along the way! 

How Many Views Does a TikTok Video Need to Become Viral?

In addition to knowing what to do to go viral on TikTok, you need to know how many views are needed to go viral on TikTok.

By reversing the traditional logic of graphics on other social networks, where you need a large audience to go viral, on TikTok a viral video can be created by anyone, regardless of the size of their follower base. This is due to its algorithmic approach, which prioritizes content delivery based on user behavior, not just the number of followers. 

According to industry standards, a video must reach one million views to be considered moderately viral. To be considered a true viral sensation on TikTok, a video must receive five million views within a period of three to seven days.  

This level of viewership can result in a substantial increase in followers and increase a user’s status on the platform. 

For users looking to monetize through the ‘TikTok Creator Fund’, which pays $10 to $20 per 500,000 views, it is understandable that the main objective of the content is to reach a large number of views.  

However, TikTok itself does not define a specific number as a standard for what it considers a viral video. The platform was designed to value the diversity and authenticity of the content and does not establish an absolute threshold of views to classify a video as viral. 

For some creators, going viral can mean racking up 10,000 views in just a few hours, depending on your niche and the industry you represent. 

 Virality on TikTok is relative and depends on several factors 

 Dynamic Algorithm 

TikTok’s algorithm is highly adaptive. It takes into account user behavior such as likes, shares, comments, and time spent watching videos. This means that a video’s virality can vary depending on how viewers interact with it and other videos. 

Follower Base 

Virality also depends on the size of a creator’s follower base. What might be considered viral for a creator with just a few hundred followers might not be considered viral for a creator with millions of followers. For smaller creators, a relatively modest increase in views can be seen as going viral. 


Engagement is one of the main factors in determining virality. A video with a high level of engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares among its target audience is more likely to be considered viral. This means that a video may go viral for one creator but not for another, depending on the engagement generated. 


Videos that are shared by other users are more likely to go viral as they are exposed to additional audiences. The number of shares is, therefore, an important indicator of virality. 

Trends and Challenges 

Participating in popular trends or challenges can increase your chances of virality since these types of content tend to spread quickly. However, going viral on TikTok also depends on how you approach the trend and how well your video stands out among similar ones. 

Temporal Variation 

The distribution of a video on TikTok may change over time.  

A video that doesn’t gain much traction in the first few hours after posting can still go viral if it continues to attract views and engagement over the following days and weeks. 

Community Impact 

Sometimes a video can go viral not just because of traditional metrics, but also because of the impact it has on the TikTok community, such as generating discussions, memes, or inspiring other creators. TikTok can identify this and expand video delivery to qualified audiences.  

In short: there is no rule or recipe for how to go viral on TikTok. 

As you have seen, there are a series of dynamic factors, in addition to frequent changes within the platform itself, that influence this. 

But, just like on Instagram and other social networks, one thing is certain: a large part of what it takes to go viral on TikTok involves the quality of your content for the audience you want. 

Unless you are a creator focused on monetizing from as many views as possible, we recommend that you invest in a consistent strategy within TikTok, creating authentic and extremely valuable content for your audience. 

Otherwise, you can show videos of blackheads being squeezed while telling gossip out of context. I will get it right!  

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