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How to Ride Your Bike Across Hilly Areas?


One of these myths includes riding only high CC bikes when going to hilly areas. The pictures and advertisements of mountain tours usually depict mostly rich riders on costly bikes. However, for motorcycles with an engine of 100cc, what does one do? Do they get a different larger bike just for this trip to ensure their safety? The definitive answer is no. Nevertheless, one can go up the mountain on a 100cc bike by making the necessary preparations.

The Hero Splendor 100CC bike is a good suggestion for riding on uphills and irregular terrains. It solely depends on how you take your bike through such tough paths.

We will explain to you which measures should be taken in order to accomplish this mission safely, even driving a 100 CC. Some benefits associated with a 100cc powered bicycle will be discussed first.

Lightweight to Handle Bike

The engine displacement has a direct impact on the bike’s weight. 100cc bikes are lighter offering better comfort when negotiating rough terrains. They are also the simplest and least difficult ones to drive.

Optimum Mileage Efficiency

This is the appropriate option for budget-tourism trips. Your bike requires much less fuel for transport and hence, this is a sizable amount of capital which you’ll save.

Easy Availability of Parts

For instance, if you have decided to ride Hero Splendor, HF Deluxe, or any other commuter segment bike of Hero Motocorp, then its timely maintenance is one that should not be missed. Concerning the same, you can buy bike spare parts online like brake lever, engine oil, brake pads, wire, spark plug, electrical components, and much more for seamless maintenance.

Steps to Prepare Your 100CC Hike for Mountain Travel

Timely Service

By having your bike service regularly you ensure that it stays healthy and in good working condition over a longer period of time. Service your bike one to seven days in advance of the trip you’re making then ride it around town for a couple of days so as to confirm that all systems are working well together with no hitches. It is important to check whether the chain set requires replacement. subsection: Replace the wiring as a whole or in parts.

Check Braking System

Replacement of wires for clutch, accelerator, and breakages would happen as necessary. Check the front and rear brakes; if it is a drum break then a new brake may be installed. Make sure you have a good bearing. Change and re-fill all liquids, such as engine oil in particular.

Change Spare Parts

In some connected hilly regions, finding an automobile repair shop might not be as challenging. This challenge is further exacerbated by the fact that spare parts may not always be easily accessible when the area is remote. Have a few essential spare parts.

Check Tires Condition

The quality of both tires should also be inspected. It is recommendable if the equipment is on the verge of its shelf-life. Thoroughly check for splits and cracks which may affect it later. Take your bicycle to the bike shop and ask them to check the tires for small slivers of nails that might not yet have punctured the tires. You should also make sure that the tires have no damage and rims are not distorted or misaligned.

Recognize your Bike

You should know your bike before riding in mountainous areas. For example, its abilities, places that it can rove, ability to climb, weight it is capable of carrying, location of leaving it behind, and controlling it on sharp slopes and turns. Sounding of a faulty bike ought to reveal an abnormality if one exists in the bike.

Try to Ride a Solo

Therefore, it does not mean that you will be a lone traveler. Go without additional passengers. An additional pillion implies another rider and his luggage as well. This can lead to more weight on the.

Travel with Less Weight

It goes hand in hand when traveling alone or when accompanied. Go as light as you possibly can on the luggage. Take only what is necessary and be minimalist when traveling. Excessive luggage makes the to heavy and it becomes a headache carrying it around.

Follow A Proper Way

Try not to use the shortest route because they are poorly surfaced with a lot of potholes. Quite often, on the way up, there will be a footpath leading straight ahead to the highest part of the mountain. Just stick to the way.

Final Thoughts

In order to be efficient for a two-wheeler 100 cc bike in steep terrain with city-like ride quality and fuel economy, it’s not about how much horsepower the motor can produce, it’s all about the high torque rating and a good torque curve output. Buy online like Hero Splendor, HF Deluxe, Passion+, and other popular segment motorcycles. Make your booking seamless by dropping by the eShop Hero Motocorp platform.

 The eShop Hero Motocorp is an online spare parts and accessories platform iganony. It allows you to look into the complete details of Hero bikes and scooters. Also, find the convenience of buying genuine quality online accessories, spare parts, and other relevant components of your choice.

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