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Seven Tips To Help Ease The Appearance Of Under Eye Bags

Eye Bags

Emily Rekstis is a freelance writer who has been employed by Harper’s Bazaar, Self, And UsWeekly. Her articles appear on Healthline, Byrdie, Women’s Health, MyDomaine, BuzzFeed, The Cut, Allure, and numerous others. Eye problems are a major source of discomfort and especially Eye Bags under the eyes.

They’re not just visible to anyone and everyone (they sit right in front of your face in all likelihood) and, the majority of the time, their appearance is totally out of your control. The puffy and dark circles frequently are the result of daily practices like inadequate sleep or an inadequate diet. However, they can be tame fairly easily by using makeup or even a blast of frozen ice.

When it comes to under-eye bags there’s not much you can do to prevent them, since they’re mostly due to genetics and aging (and could be worsened due to certain lifestyle decisions). What can you do? The options we have provided are outlined below.

How do you define eyebags?

Contrary to puffiness and dark circles under-eye bags aren’t discussed as frequently likely due to them being more difficult to control. Eye Bags result from fat pads that sit under the eyes, which is due, most likely, to genetics. Certain families have bags of fat under the eyes that pop out at an early age, board-certified dermatologist Skintap Morgana Colombo, M.D. describes.

Arash Ankhavan M.D., owner of Dermatology and Laser Group in NYC says that aging generally exacerbates the problem. Both dermatologists believe that there are handful of factors in our lifestyle that can influence the Eye Bags and make the problem more severe. This includes diet, sleep and controlling allergies. These are the factors that, together with age, which we can control in the prevention or treatment of under-eye bag filler.

Seven natural remedies for eye bags

As genetics and the age-related signs are among the most frequent causes of bags under the eyes, there’s not anything you can do to rid yourself from them entirely, besides having them removed surgically. Since these issues are not beyond your control, it’s the most effective approach to diminish the appearance of these Eye Bags is prevention.

If you’re trying to stop the appearance of under-eye bags without the need for professional help There are a few easy and natural steps to incorporate into your skincare routine or small changes to your lifestyle to notice a difference.

Eye collagen support

To combat the problem age-related wrinkles, the most effective solution is to boost collagen production around your eye. This will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and create a more durable shield for a more youthful appearance. It can be achieved through collagen supplements or other topical products.

As Akhavan suggests applying a product containing the ingredient retinol. Retinol is an ingredient of vitamin A that boosts cell turnover and helps create collagen in the course of time, he explained. Check out our top natural Retinols.

Use skin-supporting under-eye products

In addition to retinol-based products there are many other amazing active-packed serums and creams which can be used to prevent and treat bags under the eyes. In addition to retinol, Akhavan suggests peptides, hyaluronic acids as well as vitamin C, vitamin E and caffeine.

Vitamin C and peptides aid in promoting collagen production and decreasing collagen breakdown to help treat and stop signs of aging Eye Bags. Because dehydration could cause the appearance of bags under the eyes, hyaluronic acid helps treat this by retaining and binding water, keeping your skin looking youthful and hydrated.

Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties help to stop the formation of free radicals that could accelerate the wrinkles, and caffeine’s antioxidant capacity can help slow aging by preventing UV rays. The positive side is that there’s plenty of excellent organic, clean eye creams and patches to pick from.

Wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

Although vitamin E may aid in UV protection however, it’s not enough effectively stop any harm. Instead, you should ensure that you’ve applied sufficient SPF and wear glasses to reduce the wrinkles of the skin around your eyes. Since UVA and UVB Rays are the most significant causes of ageing and sun damage so wearing sunglasses and SPF is crucial to avoid Eye Bags around the eyes, Akhavan says.

This can block UVA or UVB light, which will reduce the chance of aging under-eyes or skin cancer. If you’re in search of an effective sunscreen that offers protection, but is soft enough to be used on the eyes, check out our top sunscreens for sensitive skin.

Use gua sha or jade roller facial tools

If you’ve got a major occasion coming up and you are looking to swiftly and effectively enhance the look of your eyes Colombo suggests using jade or gua sha roller. These instruments can help reduce the appearance of puffiness and sagging through promoting lymphatic drainage.

This facial rejuvenation reduces swelling and increases circulation by helping eliminate the toxins. To target the correct region, you’ll need an instrument with small-sized areas that target the delicate region. We’ve put together our top facial massagers and gua sha to help you shop with ease.

Reduce your intake of salt

If the bags under your eyes appear to be deteriorating each day it is a good idea to look over your diet. For instance, a large amount of salt consumption can make your skin dry and lead to fluids building all over your body, including around your eyes. While this might not be the only reason for bags under your eyes, it will significantly increase the puffiness. Reducing salt intake could help reduce this.

Reduce your intake of drinking alcohol

It’s not the only thing you eat that could influence your eyes However, drinking excessive alcohol can also lead to inflammation and dehydration. Therefore, if you’re trying to reduce puffiness and diminish bags under the eyes and dark circles drinking less the alcohol consumption could be beneficial.

Lay on your back and sleep while your head is propped in the air.

Not only does more rest aid in reducing the appearance of bags around your eyes and bags, but this particular sleeping position can also give your eyes that extra boost they require to improve their appearance. Rest on your back, with your head slightly higher to reduce the retention of fluids over the course of the night, Colombo says.

The takeaway

Although there are easy steps you can follow to avoid and treat eye bags, you won’t be able to completely eliminate them. However, healthy habits like eating healthy, sleeping well and taking proper care of your skin could make Eye Bags appear less sagging even if it’s just a tiny bit.

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