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About IPTV Internet television channels: everything you need to know


IPTV by Peoples TV is a system that uses the Internet to access television channels. Very popular around the world, this service has a large number of advantages, but also involves risks. How it works ? Is this legal? We tell you everything about this method of accessing TV content trendzguruji.me.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is the acronym for Internet Protocol Television, or television on internet protocol in French. In simple terms, it is a device that allows you to view TV channels via the Internet and streaming, unlike so-called traditional television which relies on terrestrial and DTT, cable or satellite. .

The difference is not limited to the mode of transmission. It also extends to the content that can be accessed. With traditional television, you can only watch what is currently broadcast. IPTV offers more flexibility by allowing users to watch the program they want anywhere, at any time and on any terminal (mobile, PC or Smart TV trendzguruji.me).

This service provides access to three main content formats: video on demand such as VoD or SVoD (exactly like online video platforms such as YouTube, Netflix or Prime Video), live television (to watch broadcasts) and delayed or replay television. Everything is accessible thanks to a monthly subscription iganony.

How it works ?

Generally speaking, it is possible to access television channels via the Internet by simply using an ordinary computer and web browser, and connecting to the site of the channel in question. It’s quite laborious, because you have to open each site. Another solution is to use a service that broadcasts all the channels on the same web page. In this case, simply take out a subscription with an IPTV provider and connect to it to benefit from the available TV channels trendzguruji.me.

However, for many users, it is more comfortable to watch their favorite shows on TV. And to make this possible, it must be able to read the signals received via the Internet protocol. Nowadays, there are many televisions that can do this, but most models on the market are not equipped with the necessary technology.

Often, we are therefore forced to use a TV decoder – also called an IPTV box – to convert the signals into a format readable by a television. This decoder, which generally connects to the television via an HDMI or wifi cable, can be provided by your Internet service provider if you have subscribed to a triple play offer (Internet, telephone and TV). This is the most classic IPTV solution. All ISPs (Free, Orange, SFR, Bouygues, etc.) offer a version trendzguruji.me.

There are also third-party providers who offer Android and Apple TV boxes. Of course, the two main ones are Google and Apple, to which we can add Amazon and its Fire TV Stick. But there are also third-party IPTV boxes from other manufacturers.

Note that a decoder is not limited to providing access to content. Often it also allows you to record programs so you can watch them later.

Is IPTV legal?

It depends on the IPTV provider and the content they offer. The service is legal if the provider has a license for each channel, show or video it broadcasts, that is, it pays for the right to broadcast them. This is the case for a large number of IPTV services on the market, such as Molotov TV, OCS, Salto, HBO, Netflix, but also offers from ISPs. They have an agreement (broadcast contract) with the owners of the content they broadcast. To access it, users must go through the paid subscription box.

Obviously, there are also many illegal IPTV services. Like legal providers, they offer access to hundreds (or even thousands) of TV channels, films, series and videos on demand, upon payment of a sum of money (in good standing). generally lower than legal services). Problem is, this is often pirated content, which the provider obtained without license or authorization. Likewise, using such a service poses enormous risks of computer viruses.

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How do I know if my IPTV is legal?

If you received your IPTV box having benefited from an internet box from an ISP (Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Free, etc.) or via a known broadcaster (Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.), your IPTV is perfectly legal. You can be sure to watch channels whose broadcast rights have been paid for by the operators.

The problem generally arises with specific boxes that are purchased on the Internet. They certainly provide access to legal IPTV services trendzguruji.me, but it is also through these third-party boxes that illegal IPTV providers often sell their services. There are certain clues that should alert you: an abnormally low rate trendzguruji.me, accommodation abroad, the presence in the catalog of channels not authorized in the country, the absence of an address or head office on the website, use of untraceable payment methods, poor video quality, etc.

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